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A rosé is a rosé except when it’s not

Curious about how marketing targets a single demographic and looking for something Imagetotally different, I received a sample of Mommy’s Time Out, a line of wines imported from Italy by Selective Wine Estates of East Hanover, N.J.

The Mommy’s Time Out line includes a Moscato (from Sicilian grapes), a Pinot Grigio/Garganega blend, a Rosso Primitivo and Delicious Pink, a blend of merlot and raboso all priced around $10.

I had the Delicious Pink, and while it’s not something I’ll drink everyday, it showed nice berry notes on the nose with raspberrry and strawberry flavors and a bit of spice.

An easy drinking wine, a bit sweet for some palates (mine, for sure, which makes me think  I’m not the demographic this wine is meant for) but something a lot of people will like for an afternoon relaxing or a picnic on the lawn.

Here’s a quote I found credited to Mike Cincotta, president of Selective Wine Estates, Inc. importers and brand owners of Mommy’s Time Out.

“Mommy’s Time Out is purchased primarily by women, who are also avid fans of rosé wines,” he said. “It seemed logical to extend the brand offerings with a rosé wine that our existing fans would enjoy.”

By color alone this qualifies as a rosé, just as white zinfandel and Blue Nun qualify as rosés.

I passed a bottle to one of my “volunteer testers” – aka the nice ladies who work at the front desk and who are always willing to take a gamble on a wine they don’t recognize – and one of them took the bottle home and then had to play keep away from her husband, who supposedly wasn’t a wine drinker. He at first downplayed the pink label but came back for his second glass.

Which may indicate the demographic is wider than Mike Cincotta stated.

Information here.

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