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Stories from Italy remind us that winter is everywhere

It’s largely been a snow-free winter in the high-desert valleys of western Colorado where I spend most of my time. An inch, maybe two at most, of new snow has fallen during any one storm since a larger snow in October, one that remains in memory only. That’s OK if you’re not happy about shoveling snow but it means concern for our summer water supplies, since snowmelt provides water for domestic use as well as irrigation for animals and the many vines and fruit trees across the region.

Even the mountains have seen a dry winter, although some recent storms, perhaps thanks to all sorts of efforts to appease the snow gods, have revived the hopes and spirits of skiers and snowboarders and the resort who cater to those crowds. I sat down last night to read the latest entries from Alfonso Cevola (aka The Italian Wine Guy) on his recent travels through the Langhe and Barbaresco region of Italy’s Piemonte. It’s always fascinating to gain insights into a wine region that otherwise takes years to know, and Alfonso shares his wisdom and experience freely and without dread.

Plus, his art-quality photos reflect the quiet chill that winter brings to northern Italy, and the fog-shrouded vineyards seem like another world from the sun-drenched views and emerald vineyards we see on our spring and summer forays into Italy’s wine country.

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