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Rainy day 1 (or is it two?) in Rioja

Not much time right now before meeting the rest of the Freixenet 2011 team for dinner in Logroño. We blew into this Rioja town on the edge of a major storm scraping its way across north Spain, the line of clouds (we’re about 80 kilometers from the Bay of Biscay, North Atlantic) curiously marking the break point between Basque territories and Rioja, with multiple rainbows ushering us along the way.
The morning was hot and sunny and was spent at Valdubon near Milagro, a tiny town in the Ribera del Duero tasting winemaker Javier Aladra’s rich Tempranillos (Tinta del Pais clone).

By noon, the rains came, an immense thunderstorm streching across all of northern Spain.

By noon, though, the weather changed and we walked out into a storm that continued the 220 kilometers or so from Valdubon to Logroño.
More soon.

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